◣ Tactical Survival Bandana w/ Emergency National Park Map on Kickstarter

For the unpredictable lifestyle:

XL Survival Bandana in Blaze Orange

BONUS: Printed with a quick reference emergency map of the top 8 National Parks. (choose from any of the 8, below)

This cravat is the must-have for all adventurers. Whether you’re an outdoors renegade or an urban warrior, this high quality, lightweight bandana is an essential in your EDC or bug out bag. 
 World’s largest tactical survival bandana   
As outdoor adventurers and world travelers (+32 countries), we grew frustrated with tiny square EDC bandanas. And our backup paper maps of National Parks wasted away after every trip. So we combined the most favorite facets of the world’s top adventure bandanas into one, single design: Tacticouture’s Survival Bandana
Triangle bandanas are listed as a must-have in survival situations by world renowned survival experts. 
Our huge 40x40x52” inch opens up a world of solutions in emergency scenarios. Be one step ahead of trauma and emergencies with this lightweight, tactical advantage.
 ★  10-in-1 Survival Multitool  
Combining navigation (map) with the dozens of utilitarian purposes of a bandana. The Survival Bandana is printed with the 1 of 8 National Park maps (your choice). It is a map that is durable, impervious to water, and crushable.

 ★  –  Innovative & lightweight: Weighing the same as a paper map only with 10x times the amount of uses.

 ★  –  Survival: Tourniquet, sling, “stop-the-bleed” first aid compression, large particle water filtration, and protection against sun, ice, and dust. High Visibility orange: Bright color designed for signaling, hunting, and marking. 

"Bandanas are extremely useful in survival situations..."

“Bandanas are extremely useful in survival situations…”
 ★  –  Utilitarian: a practical, memorable keepsake for thru hikers, survivalists, campers, trailer runners, horse riders, mountain bikers, cyclists, hunters, and EDCers. Made from 100% absorbable cotton.

The Survival Bandana is a must-have for those adventurers who are always on the move. Ditch the paper map and become a minimalist outdoor warrior with this 40x40x52″ inch bright orange bandana.

Digitally printed graphic of 1 of 8 of the top-rated and most trafficked National Park maps. You will now have not only emergency, backup navigation, but a slew of practical bandana uses.

Our field testers have used the Survival Bandana for…
  • Navigation (map)
  • Protection from the sun, ice, and dust
  • Sweat absorption (not something you get with a polyester bandana)
  • Tournique
  • Sling
  • Splinting
  • Bleeding compression
  • Large particle water filtration
  • Sleeping eye mask for travel
  • Signaling
  • Hunting safety
  • …and many more creative uses
An essential piece to your survivalist kit, Tacticouture’s Survival Bandana is an invaluable tool in your adventure toolbox.

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