Passport Photo Women’s Clothes Transparent Template

passport photo make white background lightroom

Creating Virtually Free Passport Photos:

  • This is the best iPhone Passport photo maker: (opens iOS App Store) 
  • This above app is free, but you can buy additional features to ‘unlock’ different sizes. Honestly I just needed the 2×2″ photos.
  • After I took the photo, I emailed it to myself and ‘painted’ the not-so-white background with the brush in Lightroom (cranked up the exposure all the way):

 passport photo make white background lightroom

  • I then made a 4×6 image in GIMP and lined up all of my passport photos. (below example)
  • I then sent my 4×6 photo to Walgreens where they printed it off for $0.33 + tax.
  • This certainly beats paying $10-15 at Rite-Aid or Costco for a passport photo. Now it’s safely on my computer, and I can send this image to the print-shop whenever I need more ID photos.

Hope this helps and safe travels!

-Beau w/
Knok Studio
Seattle, WA, USA


USA to print passport photos

Use this transparent PNG file (pant suit) for Passport Photo Women’s Clothes Transparent TemplatePassport Photo Women's Clothes Transparent Template