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Beau Chevassus Mt Rainier

Beau Chevassus (right) with Brian Hiller (left) at 14,411′ on Mt Rainier, Washington, USA.

"Rabbit Cam" videographer for NBC Sport's Spartan Race

Rabbit Camera videographer for NBC Sport’s Spartan Race World Championships, Squaw Valley, CA. (multi-year)

Nice to meet you, I’m Beau Chevassus,

I love meeting new people, don’t you?  Hence the purpose of this site; to offer a brief introduction and an easy way to get a hold of yours truly, Beau Chevassus.  Here’s a bit about me:

  • Nonprofit documentary filmmaker: Founder & President / Knok Studio, Seattle-based non-profit, 501(c)3 Best Seattle nonprofits - Knok Studio Knok.org
  • Viral video creator: Founder & Producer / Chevassus Studios & YouTube BeauCh  Beau Chevassus logo, Chevassus Studios
  • Athlete/Stunt Cameraman: NBC Sports “Rabbit Camera” – Follows & Films Spartan Race elite class  Beau Chevassus Spartan Race Camerman Rabbit Cam NBC Sports
  • Self Defense Instructor: Co-founder & Teacher / Kalos Agon, KA Intl, Enumclaw-based non-profit, 501(c)3  Christian Mixed Martial Art Self Defense System
  • Top Ranked Amazon Video Reviewer: Top 100 ranked Amazon video reviewer (top .00034%)    Amazon
  • Viral YouTube ReviewerBeau Reviews Awesomeness / 130,000 views/month  Beau Chevassus Amazon Reviewer

Fight the Good Fight & I look forward to chatting,

Beau Chevassus signed
– Beau Chevassus
_[ “Bo Shev-ah-soo” ] _Seattle / Washington / USA

P.s. If you’re interested in supporting my family’s work, we’d greatly appreciate prayer and/or support.  Through the Seattle nonprofit Knok Studio (registered non-profit 501(c)3), all donations are tax deductible and humbly appreciated.

Beau Chevassus sparring, BJJ, Enumclaw WA

Beau Chevassus co-teaching a women’s self defense workshop through Kalos Agon Intl

A tiny sampling of my film work over on IMDB

Beau Chevassus on IMDB
Beau Chevassus with family

Beau Chevassus with family

Beau Chevassus fighting - Christian Martial Art - Kalos Agon

Co-founder and instructor at Kalos Agon Intl, a nonprofit organization partnered with WonGeneration. KA is a Christian-based self-defense combatives system.

Founder of Knok Studio, Seattle nonprofit

Beau Chevassus is the founder of the nonprofit charity studio, Knok Studio (Sierra Leone, West Africa)

Beau Chevassus has been trained as a mime and has professional performed

Beau Chevassus is a professional trained mime (Seattle Mimes) and has performed from Pike Place Market (Seattle) to Paris, France

– Current Work –

Knok Studio - Beau Chevassus founder

Founder of Knok Studio – A Seattle charity nonprofit video studio that produces film for other nonprofits, churches, and ministries



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Ranked in the top 100 Amazon Reviewers... out of 29,000,000 reviewers.

Ranked in the top 100 Amazon Reviewers out of 33,000,000 reviewers.

Christian Mixed Martial Art Self Defense System

Kalos Agon – Christian-based self defense combatives system.

Wabash Church – Elder

Blog: El Beau’s Adventures

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