Pronounced ''Shev - ah - soo''
but that's okay if you mess it up.


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- Official YouTube Partner.

- Over 11,000 loyal subscribers.

- Filmed in 16 countries, from the coasts
of Sierra Leone to the mountains of Nepal.

- Won over 14 competitive film contests and festivals.
- Over 16,500,000 (that's millions!) total video views.

168 Hour Christian Film Festival Project

- Friendly, effective, and always thinking outside the box.




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Knok Studio is a non-profit, 501(c)3 that is
designed to fill the need of churches,
ministries, & charities who desire to
capture & communicate what they do.


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- Hidden Bonus Secrety Secrets About Beau Chevassus

  • "Beau" embarrassingly means "handsome" in French.
  • Chevassus won 3rd place in his age group in Washington State's Tae Kwon Do Championship (Black Belt division).
  • Chevassus is mildly allergic to walnuts.
  • Chevassus got injured in a full-scale avalanche while mountaineering in Montana. He credits Jesus 100% for saving him. To this day Beau is extremely uncomfortable falling on any snow-covered slopes at high rates of speed.
  • In a cruel twist of fate, Chevassus met his lovely wife Elizabeth whose passion is skiing, having raced when she was younger.
  • In still another cruel twist, "Chevassus" spelled-checks as "Crevasses" in MS Word.
  • Chevassus' favorite beer is Guinness.
  • Chevassus co-founded a successful Christian-based MMA (Kalos Agon).
  • Chevassus won the coveted Mr. Whitworth title at his alma mater. He had choreographed a dance routine to "I'm Blue," and was painted from head to toe bright blue.
  • Chevassus beat Jean Claude Van Dam in a sexy calf competition.
  • Chevassus is a registered bartender in the State of Washington.
  • More people have viewed Chevassus' videos than the entire population of Australia.